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If you're in need of a qualified adoption attorney in High Point, NC, we can help.
Adopting a child is a beautiful time in the life of a family, but it's also a complicated one. If you and your partner are considering adopting, you'll need an adoption attorney qualified to assist you with the complex legal aspects of the process.
Attorney, Molly N. Howard in High Point is an experienced family attorney that specializes in adoption law. We have a wealth of knowledge in the various parameters that govern state adoption laws, and have helped ease numerous parents throughout the High Point region in the adoption process
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Adoption Law

At Molly N. Howard Law Office, P.C., we understand that no two families are alike and that no two adoptions are either. That's why we take a case-by-case approach to every adoption and take the time to understand each unique set of circumstances. Given the sensitive nature of adoption related cases, we strive to streamline the process and ensure that families are united quickly, confidentially and with complete dignity for all parties involved.
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Legal Steps

The process of adopting a child involves several important legal steps that Attorney, Molly N. Howard will assist you with. The most important of these is to establish a legal relationship with your new family member as that of a parent child and to ensure that the biological parent has seceded their parental rights. These measures can vary depending on the type of adoption you are undergoing.
To speak with a qualified adoption lawyer, call Molly N. Howard Law Office, P.C. in High Point today!
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Adoption support

Attorney, Molly N. Howard's expertise includes adoption law for cases of:
  • Agency adoption 
  • International adoption 
  • Identified adoption 
  • Step-parent adoption
In addition to helping new parents adopt, attorney, Molly N. Howard also assists families of unwanted pregnancies with adoption resources. If you need assistance putting a child up for adoption, Attorney, Molly N. Howard can help make this difficult process an easier one.
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