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Finding an effective family law attorney in High Point, NC is not a challenge when you hire the team at Molly N Howard, Law Office PC. We specialize in all areas of family law, and are ready to discuss your case with you today. Our fees are reasonably priced, and many of our clients find that our open approach and compassionate team truly care about their situation. We'll help you during your time of need, and make sure you understand what's going on at every step.

Family Law Attorney

No one's family is perfect - but sometimes, a breakdown in the family relationship can require outside help to resolve. Family law governs the legality of family relationships, and can be used in a wide variety of cases, including but not limited to:
  • Child custody and visitation rights during separation process and divorce proceedings 
  • Adoptions 
  • The determination of paternity 
  • Domestic violence and child abuse 
  • Financial arrangements 
  • Prenuptial agreements 
  • Separation agreements 
  • Legal agreements between unmarried couples of the same or opposite sex
The parameters of what falls under family law jurisdiction vary from state to state. For more information about your rights under family laws, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff of family law attorneys. We're here to help.
The family law attorney

Make the right choice

When it comes to finding a family law attorney in High Point, you will want to hire someone who has experience in that specific field. We are a family law firm, which means we focus on legal issues that specific to the family unit. This arena also includes things such as custody arrangements, paternity, spousal support and more.

Communication is key

As a client-centered firm, our services focus on the individual and we treat each case differently, depending on what is needed. We are always happy to talk with our clients about their specific needs and will direct our approach based on how we can best serve you and your unique case. Contact the family law attorney you can trust in High Point today.
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